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Full-cycle talent acquisition

Full-cycle talent acquisition

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Fast, efficient recruitment process in line with your employer brand and company culture. Delivering candidates of the highest quality:


 -  Profile description. Definition of the skills and expectations towards candidates considered for the relevant role.

 - Candidate search. Development of candidate long-list &. short-list.

 - Presentations. Review of video pitches by short-listed candidates. Interview round led by the company management with a selection of final candidates.

 -  Selection of the Final candidate. Reference check, final decision by the management team.

Support for internal hiring teams

Support for internal hiring team

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Full-cycle talant acquisition

Depending on the needs, support

for internal hiring teams in any step of

the hiring process can be provided:


- placing a job ad;

- developing a position description;

- sourcing passive candidates;

- applying selection criteria to applications;

- testing candidates, etc.

Recruitment marketing
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Full-cycle talant acquisition

Development of recruitment materials that showcase the essence of your company, including the strongest attraction arguments, as well as the visual and verbal tone of voice.


Attraction materials:

- Career page

- Job ad templates

- Gifs, banners, visuals

- Video & audio content


Execution of integrated recruitment campaigns & social media campaigns

Recruitment technology consultancy

Full-cycle talant acquisition

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Knowledge-sharing and support in choosing the best and the most effective recruitment tools for the efficiency of your HR & candidate journey:


- Definition of system requirements

- Business case development

- Search & selection of HR tech providers

If the position profile allows hiring refugees from Ukraine we will find the best match taking into account:


   the need to work on site/possibility  to work remotely

   - the period of employment: short-term/long-term/project-based assignments

support to Ukraine offering the job positions and the possibility for refugees to settle  the work-life in emigration

a wide talent pool of high-level

specialists and managers not
limited only to Baltic countries

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FindAda is a talent acquisition company aiming at significantly changing the field of talent attraction and acquisition, based on data, excellent candidate experience, and modern digital solutions.

We combine more than
25 years of experience in talent attraction and recruitment for various industries and across countries.

FindAda is inspired by
Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician, and writer who lived in the 19th century. Despite all the restrictions of that time and traditional woman's role in society, Ada managed to realize her talent and become the first computer programmer in the world.

We do believe that everyone has a talent that realized in the right environment and company culture can bring excellence. Our goal is to connect the
right talent with the right company.
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 - Skills tests captured in behavioural science & AI tools to explore the interests & potential of the candidate rather than just CV


 - Creative sourcing used to look for candidates in places.

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 -  Use of technology & analytics to make the process 100% transparent and effective.

 -  Opportunity to follow the project's progress 24/7 via Teamtailor, an applicant tracking system.

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 - Time to fill – 4 to 8 weeks

 - Candidates get answered within 48h

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 - Flawless candidate experience & tracking of candidate’s NPS throughout the process

 - Option to adjust the process and recruitment materials to comply with the company's employer brand

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Pārsla Baško

One of the Baltics’ leading experts in strategic HR, corporate branding, communications and employer branding. Has been recruiting specialist, expert, management team member and business leader for more than 20 years.

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Zane Čulkstēna

Proven entrepreneur, founder of various businesses and NGOs. Has been working as a consultant at executive research firm Amrop and recruited number of successful candidates in management positions .

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