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When it comes to difficulties finding talent in the Baltics job market, it is clear that the situation will only get worse.


Current macroeconomic indicators, together with companies' ambitious growth plans, create an environment where employees can choose where, how much, and how to work.

In total, about 6 million people live in the Baltics.


Continuing the rapid population aging trend, the Bank of Latvia forecasts that in 2060 there will be less than 2 employees per retiree in our region.

The number of skills required per job is increasing, and the skills needed are churning rapidly.

According to research done by "Gartner", the total number of skills required for a single job is increasing at 6.3% annually.

Although the trend of employee "independence" is observed all over the world, we believe that careful work with the candidate and the creation of excellent experience, as well as the creation of a detailed profile is an important argument for attracting the best available employees and talents.

Based on our previous work with employer branding strategies we have learned what exactly candidates expect and value during the whole recruitment process

Trough our teams extensive experience in recruitment business we have acquired vast knowledge about the labour market in Baltics.

By transparent communication, speed and professional methodology.

We use skills taxonomy by World Economic forum and top-notch recruitment tools to ensure data-driven, fast and transparent process delivering candidates of high quality and relevance.

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